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Here’s a fun list I made after the birth of my first child, which I dug up for reference since I recently had my second.

I created the list to make light of the craziness, and honestly help remind me of what’s most important.  Hope you enjoy.  🙂

15 Most Important Things in A New Moms Life

  1. Your new baby – because as soon as he/she smiles, they make it all worth while
  2. Your baby’s pacifier – because it gives you the illusion of control
  3. Your husband – because without him, 3 minutes of alone-time in the shower (without hearing blood curdling cries) is not possible
  4. Your mom – because she’s the only one that does laundry when she comes to visit the baby
  5. The Microwave – because it’s the only way you can get a hot meal
  6. Wine – because it allows you to instantly escape to a world where you are totally relaxed and crazy for sex, even though your stitches aren’t out yet!
  7. A Latte, or whatever your coffee of choice – because it keeps you from falling asleep in the rocking chair and dropping your baby on the floor
  8. Black cotton pants – they look like pajamas at night, slacks during the day, and they seem to always fit your growing and shrinking physique
  9. Movies by mail – because daytime TV would make anyone one go crazy, even if only during a short Maternity leave
  10. Chocolate – because it gives you almost as good a high as the wine
  11. Girlfriends who are already moms – because they help you tackle your current obstacles, as well as give you warnings of those that will be next
  12. Girlfriends who are not moms – to remind you of what you used to care about
  13. CD player or phone music application – because it enables you to replace baby songs on the Xylophone with real music of your choice
  14. Digital clocks – because they’re the only ones you can read properly after being woken up five times in one night
  15. Computer/internet – because it’s the only way you get to buy anything new for yourself these days